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Leader in Customer Service

About Me

My name is Charles Stantil. I am a 15 year call center and customer service vet. I am looking for a role in customer service/call center management. I have been successful in many different settings within the customer service/call center industry. I would be an valuable asset for your company as I am a quick learner, delegator and goal-driven.

My Skills

  • Management
  • Leadership/Delegation
  • Customer Service
  • Sales

My Education

Monte Vista HS


High School/GED

Customer service


I have 15 years of call center and customer service experience where I have excelled in customer care as well as sales. I am a people person and I love providing assistance to clients.



I am an excellent leader and delegator. I have filled several assistant manager roles where I've handled scheduling, training, and quality control. I also have a license in management from McDonald's, where I was an assistant manager.



I put my maximum effort into everything I do, whether it's learning a new technology or closing a difficult sale. I always work hard and run a tight ship.


  • 2015
    Career Counselor
  • 2014
    Assistant Manager/ Team Lead
    Gateway Marketing
  • 2011 - 2013
    Collections Manager/ Administrative Assistant
    SS Fundraising
  • 2009 - 2011
    Assistant Manager

My Success Stories

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Top Sales Rep

I had top sales for 12 months running while working at Gateway Marketing, and I was promoted to Assistant Manager after 6 months.

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Management Success

While an Assistant Manager at McDonald's I earned my management license from Hamburger U, which boosted my skills in delegation and leadership.

My Resume